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Інформація для осіб – нерезидентів ЄС

Please read carefully through the following information:

1.    3 months – the decision about the type of the course should be taken at least 3 months prior to its commencement.
2.    Visa – visa application process should begin 3 months prior to the arrival.
3.    Invitation and visa  - The School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners University of Wroclaw does not issue official invitations to any of the offered courses, neither does it mediate visa applications. Each person is entitled to apply for the visa on the basis of acceptance letter issued by the School.
4.    Application forms delivered 4 weeks before the beginning of a particular course or later, will not be taken into consideration, as it is impossible to obtain visa in less than 4 weeks.
5.    Dormitory – only the students of One-Year Preparatory Course and the students of Intensive Summer Course are entitled to benefit from accommodation at the dormitory.
6.    Application form – once the decision about the type of course is made, all the required documents, the application form, and a confirmation of payment issued by the bank, should be mailed to the School’s office.
7.    Confirmation of acceptance to the course – the School will issue a confirmation of acceptance letter only after receiving all the documents and the confirmation of payment for the course.
8.    Student status – only the students of One-Year Preparatory Course hold the status of students at the University of Wroclaw. Each student will receive a student’s ID and will be elegible for accomodation at the dormitory (paid extra).
9.    Reimbursement
a)    We highly recommend to read the terms of reimbursement before making the final decision about participation in any of the courses.
b)    The terms of reimbursement for each of the type of courses are final and nonnegotiable.
c)    Reimbursements occur only after reception of the original acceptance letter issued by the School together with a document denying issuance of visa from the Consulate.
d)    The reimbursement process might take from 3 to 6 weeks from the day of reception of a properly filled-in reimbursement form, and all the other required documents.
10.    Important note: Only adults (over 18 years of age) or persons who are underage but have a high school graduation certificate from their country of origin can participate in the course. In such a case, a special declaration of the parent or legal guardian is required  (Underage course participants). The signature of the parent or legal guardian must be notarized in the country of residence of the potential course participant.

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