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Course Programme

We would like to kindly inform that the next 2-weeks Polish Language
Preparatory Course for Exchange Students will take place between 14.09.2020
and 26.09.2020.

Course Programme

  • 30 hours of language classes (3 hours per day from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm)
  • The course will focus on communication skills and it will include:

 1. phonetic exercises,

 2. the introduction of vocabulary related to the role of a student, a resident of student's dorm, a roommate, a person in a new place

 3. Communication exercises (hello, my name is ..., I am..., goodbye, please, thank you, sorry, are you)

 4. exercises in listening comprehension (learning the techniques of doing test exercises)

  • The curriculum in groups of higher level includes:

 1. the extension of vocabulary (in accordance with the course of studies)

 2. the introduction of information about Wroclaw in authentic texts, press releases, websites and exercises from textbooks „Z Wrocławiem w tle” or „Spacery po Wrocławiu” and on the basis of original materials prepared by the School's lectors

3. We invite to use the following websites: www.uni.wroc.pl, www.sjpik.uni.wroc.pl, city sites: www.wroclaw.pl, wroclaw.naszemiasto.pl, www.tuwroclaw.pl).

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