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Tests and Certificates

Placement test

•    On the first day of the course a placement test takes place (mock test can be found on our websites), which allows to define the level of proficiency and assign participants to the appropriate groups.
•    The test is meant only for those who have taken a language course lasting a minimum of 60 hours or have a basic knowledge of Polish grammar and vocabulary.
•    People declaring no knowledge of the Polish language begin a course in elementary groups at the same time.
•    Lists of these groups with the name of the instructor and the number of the room are always posted on the School's bulletin boards.

Placement test is divided into 4 segments:
a. Listening comprehension
b. Use of grammar
c. Reading comprehension
d. Writing (a shorter, and a longer written statement on a given topic)

Final test

•    The final test is structured in a similar way as the placement test.
•    The course ends with a test of achievements checking the knowledge and skills acquired during the course.
•    The test results are placed on the certificate received on the last day of the course


•    The certificate of participation in the summer course is not a certificate confirming knowledge of the Polish language at particular levels. It only certifies participation in a course at a given level of knowledge of the Polish language and the results achieved in the final test of achievement..

•    In regard to the state examination, please read first the information posted on the website: www.certyfikatpolski.pl.

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