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Intensive Summer Course

The Summer Course of Polish Language and Culture lasts four weeks and is an excellent opportunity to learn Polish at a selected level.
•    The program of each Summer Course includes over 150 hours (1 hour = 45 minutes) of various types of classes (language course, additional language classes, supplementary language classes, lectures on Polish culture, trips etc.)
•    The program also includes language and integration activities: movie evenings with introductory lecture, Talent night, Intercultural night, evenings with Polish song.
•    Summer Courses are accompanied by interesting lectures devoted to various aspects of Polish culture and its regional variety.
•    Participants of the Summer Course have the opportunity to learn about the interesting and intricate history of a thousand-year-old city with a fascinating past. At the same time, the accompanying program is prepared so that each participant can feel well in the dynamically developing Wrocław, which is called the meeting place not without reason.
•    The program of the course includes trips combining leisure with learning about the attractions of the city and the region.
•    The four weeks spent in Wrocław give you the opportunity not only to learn the language, but also to help you understand Poland and the Poles better. In addition to professional knowledge and skills in the field of teaching the Polish language, we also offer assistance in dealing with matters going beyond the course.
•    We help in gathering various types of materials and information, to all those who are preparing papers and projects related to Poland and are professionally or privately interested in Polish topics.
•    We provide good accommodation conditions in the city center (modules: 2 double rooms + bathroom + kitchen), good cuisine, appropriate learning conditions, an interesting program, and above all - a nice and friendly atmosphere during the course.
•    Participation in the four-week Summer Course of Polish Language is especially useful for those who would like to pass a state exam in Polish as a foreign language in the future. (www.certyfikatpolski.pl).
ATTENTION: During the summer course, the students of Postgraduate Qualification Studies in Polish Language Teaching as a Foreign Language have their practice classes. We kindly ask for kindness towards the students - future teachers of Polish as a foreign language.

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